2023 Cadillac Lyriq Starts at $62,990

2023 Cadillac Lyriq
2023 Cadillac LyriqCadillac’s first electric vehicle (EV) will start under $63,000 and let buyers choose between two years of free public charging or a hefty discount on a home fast charger.

About the Lyriq

The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq is a midsize, 2-row SUV with a distinctive angular design theme and an EPA-certified range of up to 312 miles per charge.

Outside, the Lyriq is all edges and lights. A huge glossy black surface takes the place of the grille (EVs don’t need them). It’s decorated with dozens of linear LEDs that almost form a huge grin around the Cadillac crest. Three parallel character lines in the hood trace back to an angular greenhouse. It’s a handsome look.

Inside, glossy piano-black trim with capacitive touch buttons covers the steering wheel and part of the dash. A wide, curved screen more than half the width of the dash handles both the driver’s display and the central touchscreen’s duties.


Cadillac announced pricing for the Lyriq this week. Some lucky buyers have already bought the exclusive Debut Edition for $58,795. But, with that model sold out, pricing has gone up.

The Lyriq is available as a rear-wheel-drive model with 340 horsepower and a range of 312 miles. That model carries a sticker price of $62,990.

An all-wheel-drive edition gets a second motor on the front axle, bumping total output up to 500 horsepower. Cadillac hasn’t revealed a range figure for that one. It has named its price — $64,990. Both of these prices are also before the mandatory $1,195 destination charge.

Buyers can choose either “two years of unlimited public charging credits at EVgo charging stations or a credit of up to $1,500 toward home charger installation.” The Lyriq, like every EV, comes with a standard Level 1 charger for use with a normal household outlet. But most owners will probably want a Level 2 fast charger installed at home instead – an additional cost the offer helps defray.

$64,990, we’d be remiss not to note, is the exact current asking price of America’s best-selling EV, the Tesla Model Y. It’s not hard to figure out who Cadillac thinks might be interested in the Lyriq.