5 Interior Design Tips To Bring A Springtime Feel To Your Home | Featured

5 Interior Design Tips To Bring A Springtime Feel To Your Home | Featured

After spending several months in the dark, cold winter where you’ve probably suffered from a bad case of cabin fever, you are probably looking for exciting ways to spruce up your home. Now that we’ve gotten back to some semblance of normalcy after years of pandemic lockdowns, it feels great to be able to mingle with friends and family at home.

If you are ready to add zest back to your home, it may be a good idea to start by including some of the hottest trends emerging this season. This is especially important if you plan to sell your house this spring. So here are a few tips on adding delightful pleasantries of spring into your decor.

Get Back Into Open Concept Living

Before the pandemic, the open concept was all the rage. However, when lockdowns started, there seemed to be a trend toward closed concept living. This may have been to curb the spread of coronavirus. Or since the house was much more preoccupied during the day than ever before, people preferred more privacy to complete their work. But what we are seeing now is a reemergence of the ever-popular open concept floor plan. So as you make your home feel more like spring, it’s a good idea to create a light, airy feel by creating an open floor plan. And if you already have an open concept, doing more to create fluidity between each space will be a great way to bring the feeling of spring into your space.

Consider Space For Rejuvenation

Not only did the pandemic change the “lay of the land” in our homes, but it also limited our ability to frequent spas, massage parlors, and other places outside the home that give us the refreshing experiences we need. Since it doesn’t seem that we are in the clear, it may be a good idea to incorporate your own indoor oasis meant to help you tend to self-care. For example, you can go all out and completely renovate your bathroom with luxurious spaces for bathing and soft lighting. Or you can keep it simple by adding candles, aromatherapy products, plush towels, and a bath jet to turn your bathtub into the ultimate temporary jacuzzi.

Bring the Outside, In

Another way to enjoy the spring is to bring the outdoors elements in to create a seamless flow. The easiest way to do this is to bring in greenery, including beautiful, easy-to-maintain houseplants. A wall of greenery will make you feel like you are outdoors, minus the stinging and biting from bugs.

Round and Round We Go

If you haven’t noticed, curves are in. And I’m not referring to a fashion trend, either. But you may be able to thank the fashion industry for making curves in vogue in home decor. Many contemporary spaces are starting to see more curvy pieces of furniture. Although straight lines dominated decor in the past, this season is moving towards arches and curves. These shapes aren’t only inspired by the female form but also rounded items of nature. The move from dominant straight lines to curvy ones provides a harmonious balance indoors. And this trend seems to be one here to stay, at least for a while.

Create a Space Perfect For Entertaining Outdoors

After the pandemic, entertaining outdoors has become much more desirable than ever before. As a result, homeowners are expanding their homes right out onto the patio. Many aren’t just adding great seating and decorative pathways. Instead, they are adding space perfect for entertaining. Nowadays, you may find televisions, bars, kitchens, pizza ovens, and more to make the outdoor experience much more enjoyable. And if you need to sell your house fast, an attractive backyard could be the way to entice more buyers. 

Bottom Line

Spring is a time of renewal. It is also a time when we all resume many outdoor activities. So, if you want your home to feel alive, these are just a few fresh ways to bring the feeling of spring indoors.