6 DIY design ideas to take from Sabyasachi’s home in Kolkata

6 DIY design ideas to take from Sabyasachi's home in Kolkata

Fashion designer Sabyasachi’s celebrated aesthetic transcends textiles and spills over to interiors at his Kolkata home. The visually stunning Sabyasachi abode is nestled inside a heritage building and boasts a grand staircase. And its regal decadence and organised clutter are the sensibilities that reflect through the nostalgia of the bylanes of Kolkata. 

A Maximalist Aesthetic

Offering a combination of different textures and materials, the home displays gold accents and bold strokes through textured wallpapers, marble inlay, and imported upholstery. The colour palette is bold with Jaisalmer marble, combined rather thoughtfully throughout. A spacious formal living room is imbued in jewel tones, opulence, and all things maximalist. The glimmering lights enthusiastically introduce bold hues, accentuating the otherwise neutral palette.

Incorporate Vintage and Antique Elements

Manifesting a modish mood board of vintage floral fabrics, sober shades, antique artworks and custom furniture, the home flaunts a fusion of florid and fanciful flair. The walls soak up a magnetic quiet, existing in sync with the tattle of the many antiques and curios that line up the shelves here. Departing from the linear layered approach, the home exemplifies how spatiality coalesces with form, function, and experience—where furniture, materiality, colours and light come together. 

Björn Wallander

Fill Your Home With Art

A culmination of Indian antiques, artworks and contemporary decor with accessories sourced from a multitude of luxury brands, the Kolkata residence doubles up as an art gallery that feels modern yet home-like. It hums the tunes of teamwork, labour, craftsmanship and comfort, making it an idyllic space for the dweller to find his creative rhythm.