A Modern Twist To Your Home With Balak’s New Table Featuring Cloakwork

A Modern Twist To Your Home With Balak’s New Table Featuring Cloakwork

Penang-based artisan furniture brand, Balak’s collaborates with Malaysian graffiti artist and 2021 Men of the Year, Cloakwork for its latest product, the Cloak-ffee Table. 

In an effort to support and promote local artworks, Penang-based artisan furniture brand Balak’s has partnered up with Malaysian graffiti artist and Augustman’s very own Men of the Year alumni, Cloakwork to unveil its latest product—The Cloak-ffee Table.

For the past 12 years, KL-based graffiti artist and illustrator Cloakwork has been painting around the world, collaborating with an array of international brands such as Nike, Samsung, YouTube, foodpanda and on projects such as the Crazy Rich Asians film. His illustrative and storytelling-style artworks can be seen from certain areas in Kuala Lumpur to the headquarters of AirAsia located in Sepang.

Combined with Balak’s honed craftsmanship, this exclusive, unorthodox wooden table is available for purchase not just as an art collection but also as a solid option for people seeking for sturdy and comfortable furniture to have their beverages on.

“Growing up, I’ve always looked up to Nychos, Rime, James Jean, and Michael Lau. These artists have created inspiring works that not just look good, but narrates a story to the people. I picked up my first can of graffiti paint when I was a college rebel, simply because I thought college life was getting a little too stale. Now, I create art that has a purpose, and I’m honoured to partner with Balak’s this time around to bring my iconic design into the homes of Malaysians to help promote the appreciation of local modern art,” says Cloakwork.

Cloakwork’s art is renowned for his ability to incorporate his own style each time with a vibrant and fun delivery that always manages to encapsulate the feeling of youth, freedom, and of course, rebelliousness. His bold and non-conventional approach to graffiti art has transpired across different countries.

Throughout his now 10-years journey in the industry, Cloakwork has also collaborated with respectable partners such as Calvin Klein, Warner Bros, foodPanda, AirAsia, and Pepsi.

“Through this partnership with Cloakwork, we aim to push the discussion about art in Malaysia. When people think of Malaysia, art seldom comes to mind as there isn’t enough hype surrounding the topic despite the talents we have here. Cloakwork is Malaysia’s pride, pushing far past the local art scene and making his presence known in the international landscape. We are very confident that the ‘masterpiece’ of Cloakwork’s iconic graffiti art style and our honest handiwork will be well-received by the public,” states Lucas, Director of Balak’s.

The Cloak-ffee Table is a product of fusion between traditional craftsmanship and modern contemporary artwork. The table encapsulates the appreciation and coming-together of both old and new, making it a perfect option for those seeking for a functional table that is also an eye-please.

To further drive home the ‘Proudly Made in Malaysia’ theme, Balak’s has sourced their steel from another Penang-based brand, Stacos Stainless Steel —a steel fabrication company focused on custom built stainless steel products.

Following this partnership, Stacos’ steel was used to craft the beautiful and sturdy Cloak-ffee Table. The limited-edition table is now available for purchase on Balak’s website, with only 38 pieces available.


To find out more about Balak’s and Cloakwork’s new project, click here

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