Carlisle leaders hope 10,000 homes project is ‘exemplar of good design’

Carlisle leaders hope 10,000 homes project is 'exemplar of good design'

AMBITIONS are held at the city council to make a major 10,000 home development ‘an exemplar of good design,’ informing future development in the area.

Carlisle City Council’s development panel met at the Civic Centre on Friday deciding on a number of planning applications.

And concerns were raised by a councillor that four homes approved for Tarraby were not in-keeping with the character of the area.

Councillor Nigel Christian, executive member for environment and Transport, pointed to policies in the Carlisle Local Plan on building new homes with good design “and how design should complement what already exists.”

He also pointed to national planning policies which states “development should be sympathetic to the local character and history including the surrounding built environment.”

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Cllr Christian said he ‘feels very strongly’ this is not achieved by the new development which is like “sticking houses on an estate with no particular character at all.”

Cllr Christian asked how much weight should be given to the Government’s new National Design Guide and National Model Design Code.

Jane Meek, corporate director of economic development, said: “The Design Code (for Carlisle) is in development.

“In fact, our head of planning policy is part of the team that is working on that and particularly through St Cuthbert’s Garden Village, because that is going to be future development and we want that to be an exemplar of good design.

“So actually, very little weight can be put on that design code because it hasn’t been through all of the processes for us to use it as a statutory instrument.”

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The St Cuthbert’s Garden Village project will bring 10,325 new homes to the south of Carlisle over the next 30 years.

The council hopes it will herald an economic boom for the district, bringing new communities and jobs.

An artist’s impression of open space proposed as the centre piece of St Cuthbert’s Garden Village

Development of the homes is dependent on authorities delivering the Carlisle Southern Link Road.

Cumbria County Council and the city council are collaborating on the project which will see the construction of a bypass linking the M6 to the A595 at Newby West.

As well as providing key infrastructure to Carlisle, the relief road is also hailed as supporting Carlisle’s economic development.

It is an exciting time for Carlisle, as the large-scale projects accompany the Borderlands funded regeneration of the Citadels and the railway station.

Using funding from the Borderlands Growth Deal and other sources, Carlisle’s Grade I listed Citadel buildings will be redeveloped into a University of Cumbria campus.

An expansion and regeneration will take place at Carlisle Railway Station, transforming it into a key point in the country’s rail infrastructure.

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