Contract Signed to Design AlUla Train

Contract Signed to Design AlUla Train

The Royal Commission for AlUla signed on Saturday a contract with SYSTRA Group, a pioneer in the business, to design the AlUla train.

The move helps boost the comprehensive development plan for the Saudi province and ties it directly with several stations and routes, including historic and heritage landmarks.

The announcement is in line with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s innovation and development drive for the next two decades in Saudi Arabia that is based on several main pillars, including environmental sustainability and economies of the futures, that are embodied in Vision 2030.

The AlUla train is part of the main projects of the Journey Through Time plan and main pillar of the development program of the province that aims to transform it into a global hub for arts, heritage, culture and nature, in line with Vision 2030.

Through Saturday’s signing, the Royal Commission for AlUla seeks to boost sustainability in transportation and easing congestion and noise on the roads.

The train will be powered through sustainable energy and link several districts, neighborhoods, heritage and tourist sites. It will offer a touristic experience that celebrates the beauty of the natural environment.

The AlUla train extends 50 kilometers and begins from the international airport in the South and ends at al-Hajar city in the North. The design of its carriages will be inspired by the historic and natural heritage of AlUla as part of efforts to achieve the vision for AlUla to transform it into a global tourist hub and the world’s largest living museum.

Engineer Moataz Kurdi, Chief County Operations Officer at the Commission, said the train is a significant step in achieving sustainable comprehensive development in the province.

Providing modern forms of public transform is one of the main pillars of the Commission’s plans to transform AlUla into a sustainable global living and tourism destination.

The routes of the train will be part of a complete network of public transport that will have a low impact on the environment and will be easy to access and use for everyone across the province, he added.

“We aspire to create a tourism and service experience amid AlUla’s unique natural environment,” he said.

The first phase of the design is set to be complete in 2023.

The train project will be divided into several routes. The first will connect the northern “red” line will connect the most significant tourist regions and archaeological locations. It will allow for easy transportation between different main stops of the Journey Through Time.

The second line will extend from the southern parts of the province. A third, spanning 33 kilometers, will stretch all the way to the international airport, to consolidate AlUla’s position as a transportation hub.

The AlUla train will be easily accessible by pedestrians and various forms of transportation.

The Royal Commission for AlUla aims to improve the quality of services offered to the residents and visitors of AlUla through the sustainable transportation system. In January, it launched the self-driving electric vehicle service in the Old Town, marking a preliminary example of future sustainable transportation aspired in the province.

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