Cree House Interiors Reflect Architect Albert Frey’s Original 1950s Design

Palm Springs Life - Palm Springs California

Are you both Albert Frey fans and what do you appreciate about his work?

Oh, absolutely! Frey was the first architect in the U.S. to have worked directly with Le Corbusier. Frey utilized limited material palettes and embraced Le Corbusier’s minimal philosophy of “a house as a machine of living in”. What makes Frey special is the way he integrated and contrasted this architectural rigor with the surrounding organic nature of the rocky desert landscape, creating a new regional vernacular architecture which we find breathtaking and constantly inspiring!

What other historic homes have you overseen, and how did those experiences help with the Cree House?

Between us we have both worked on a number of significant homes. I carried out the original restoration of Keneston House (1957) designed by E. Stewart Williams in Rancho Mirage. This work involved reconstructing important design elements, such as the floating fireplace and indoor planting spaces, which had been removed, as well as detailed repair work to his outside/inside corrugated aluminum walls. I also had the opportunity to furnish and accessorize the house for one of the next owners. Our budget was good so I procured rare pieces from Harvey Probber, Edward Wormley, T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbons and a custom commission by Stan Bitters.

Along with decades of design work under her belt, Annalisa is the owner and custodian of the significant Jack House (1957) in Sydney, Australia, refurbishing and reconstructing particular design elements to ensure the original integrity of the house and have it historically listed.

Together under Capurro Davis Design, we have worked on numerous projects including Royal Hawaiian Estates designed by Donald Wexler, Charles Lee’s Tamarisk West, midcentury homes in Canyon Estates and rooms at the Desert Hills, a beautiful boutique hotel, which is currently on-going. We have also had the opportunity to work with other wonderful designers and trade partners such as H3K Home _+ Design, Shields Residential, Level 7 and Palm Pacific Construction. Modern Home’s finishes can be found in thousands of amazing local desert structures. This combined experience influenced our well researched holistic approach to the Cree House.

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