Design Docuseries Home Season 2 Renewed at Apple TV+


Apple TV+ has announced the Emmy Award-nominated design series Home will come back for a second season. As a new trailer reveals, Season 2 of Home will take viewers on a journey around the world as we discover the history of some of the more impressive houses ever imagined by human minds.

In the first season of House, Apple TV+ explored some of the most unusual homes worldwide, highlighting how their designers’ and owners’ wishes shaped their walls and rooms. As the new trailer reveals, Season 2 will follow the same path, giving voice to the creative people who were able to escape the limitations of regular architectural rules to turn their houses into works of art.


The new trailer gives us a peek at the feature of the new house in Season 2, such as the House of the Big Arch in South Africa, in which nature is invited to share the same space as humans. The upcoming season will also explore the secrets of the 3 Generation House in Amsterdam, a coliving project designed to house three generations of the same family. There is also the Longhouse in Australia, breaking the mold of the square building to create a living space that extends itself in a line.

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Besides celebrating the architects’ vision for the homes featured in Season 2, the new trailer also underlines how all projects that dare to be different reveal new ways for humans to inhabit the planet. By building a home around nature or by searching for natural ways to lighten rooms, these innovative projects do more than satisfy the needs of demanding owners. They are examples of how we too can adapt and live better without destroying the world around us.

Each of the ten episodes of Season 2 of Home will focus on a different house worldwide. The upcoming season will explore the Hourré House in France, the Casa de Carla y Pedro in Mexico City, the House of the Big Arch in South Africa, the Concrete Factory in Iceland, the Sag Harbor in Long Island, the 3 Generation House in Amsterdam, the Longhouse in Australia, the Guha in Indonesia, Bene’s House in Barcelona, and the Inno-Native House in Ghana.

Home is produced for Apple by A24 and is executive produced by Matthew Weaver, Kim Rozenfeld, Ian Orefice, Alyse Walsh, Collin Orcutt, Ben Cotner, Emily Q. Osborne, and Sarba Das.

Season 2 of Home premieres on June 17 on Apple TV+. Check out the new trailer below.


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