Design Notes –

Design Notes -

As we continue to change and adapt throughout the pandemic, so have our kitchens and bathrooms. From classic favorites to high-tech luxury, there’s a niche for everyone. R•Home asked three Richmond kitchen and bath designers to share their observations and predictions for trends emerging in 2022.

R•Home: Do you think the popular all-white kitchen will persist, or will we see more color?

Grace Sheehan, Kitchen Doctors: We’re seeing a shift from the classic, cool, all-white kitchen to a more warm and earthy kitchen. We’re using white or taupe as a neutral tone or base and pairing it with nature-inspired colors, such as greens and blues.

Sarah Pierce, Lane Homes & Remodeling: I definitely think we’re going to be seeing more color on its own or in combination with the white kitchen. I’ve seen a lot of green. I feel like blue is taking more of a back seat, but it’s still a very timeless color. Camel or leather brown colors are coming back in, as well as a lot of wood tones.

Peyton Edwards, KDWHome: An all-white kitchen is classic and has a timeless appeal. I don’t see that going anywhere; however, we have seen some color creeping in. Mostly grays and blues. This year, we’re starting to see more greens, mostly in the mossy green family.

R•Home: How can homeowners bring the outdoors into their kitchens?

Sheehan: Adding more natural light wherever possible. That could be skylights, windows along the countertops or a window backsplash.

Pierce: I think we’ll be seeing more specific areas that are either for houseplants or indoor gardens like herb gardens.

Edwards: In new construction and extensive renovations, we’re seeing a lot of folded glass walls, one brand of which is known as NanaWalls. Those truly blend the indoors and the outdoors.

R•Home: We live in a highly digital world. Will this extend into kitchens with smart appliances?

Sheehan: I believe smarter and healthier appliances such as app-controlled, Wi-Fi-enabled products, induction cooktops and ranges, steam and convection ovens, connected hubs that tie appliances together, voice-activated lighting, and touchless features will continue to rise.

Pierce: I also think it’s going to be very popular to buy appliances that can incorporate more than just a single use. For example, a wall oven with a steam function, air fry function, or warming function.

Edwards: Most high-end appliances now already come equipped with Wi-Fi technology. For example, your refrigerator can notify you when filters need to be replaced, and you can preheat your oven from your car.

R•Home: Many homeowners are striving to make their spaces an oasis. How’s this playing out in bathroom design?

Sheehan: We’re seeing another shift in bathrooms from clean, cool, almost sterile-looking grays and whites into a more warm, organic color palette. We’re also seeing more universal design features, including large curbless showers, wet rooms and smart technology.

Pierce: People are trying to make it more of a retreat. For example, having a washer and dryer within your primary suite, or a wet bar for tea and coffee, or a sitting area to be able to enjoy that space.

Edwards: Many clients want their bathrooms to mimic those of a luxury hotel or resort. We’re seeing clients splurge on extras such as heated floors and heated towel bars. 

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