Emunah Hardware Design: A colonial touch for homes | MorungExpress

Sanen Jamir

Vishü Rita Krocha

Kohima | June 5

Sanen Jamir from Mangmetong village under Mokokchung district was first introduced to a ‘piece of England’ in Shillong where he did his schooling from St. Edmund’s School. He grew up being fascinated by the antique accessories adorning the many colonial buildings as a young school boy and as he would, “I used to really enjoy watching…they were very different.”

There was this particular European structure he still remembers with vivid details “We used to peep through the window of that building which was locked from outside. I saw iron beds, mattresses made of pine leaves. I remember the porch had a window and when we looked down, we could see what was probably the servants’ quarter…the doors had antique accessories and I used to wonder ‘what a waste’ since the building seemed abandoned”, he recollects.

Some people said it was built during the British Era, he goes on to highlight while relating that “we used to hang around the building. It was a very beautiful house—had a green lawn and we used to play around the fencing which had been all broken down.”

Years later, when he moved to Mumbai to pursue M.Sc from St. Xavier’s College, he also realised that it was a growing fascination while citing the very architecture of the college he studied in. There was no stopping him from bringing home a touch of what he viewed with fascination throughout his educational pursuit. It is no wonder then that when he returned home to Nagaland, the idea of making the finest ‘antique hardware’ available for our people was something he began to nurture.

This June, he ventured into “Emunah”—a Hebrew name for Faith. ‘Emunah Hardware Design’ features products from Adonai Hardware, one of the leading manufacturers for hardware products and accessories with a wide range of door hardware, window hardware, home hardware, cabinet hardware and gate hardware.

Located at New Secretariat Kohima, Emunah Hardware Design has also collaborated with Kath Kraft, a local furniture manufacturing unit. The Store currently houses over 350 items besides furniture. Talking more about this, Sanen Jamir also reveals that “We sell at wholesale price to make it affordable for all sections of people.” There are also products which cost less than 100.

“I feel nice that I am introducing such kind of quality items to Nagaland. There is so much of details and I just hope and pray that people of Nagaland will also like it and avail”, he further expresses.

Emunah Hardware Design is the only dealer of Adonai Hardware in the Northeast. A Christian manufacturer, Adonai mostly exports their products to countries like England, US, Germany, etc. Their products also come attached with encouraging Bible verses.