Facebook Group Gives 56 Perfect Reasons Why “You Should Have Hired An Architect” (New Pics)

Facebook Group Gives 56 Perfect Reasons Why "You Should Have Hired An Architect" (New Pics)

Human creativity knows no bounds, though that doesn’t mean every idea that crosses our minds is worthy of implementation. Sure, it’s hard to deny that taste is a matter of preference — what is stylish to one person may look completely threatening to another! But when it comes to homes and interiors, there are some pretty terrible design solutions out there that are not just asking to be judged, they are almost begging for it.

Well, we’re certainly not ones to pass up an opportunity to poke fun at tasteless decisions and, hopefully, learn something new along the way. So let us introduce you to the aptly titled ‘You Should Have Hired An Architect’ Facebook group. Members of this community set out on a mission to showcase architectural flaws that prove some people should leave building houses from the ground up to the professionals.

We have scoured the group and gathered some of the wildest and most jaw-droppingly awful examples it had to offer. So continue scrolling, upvote the ones you enjoyed laughing at most, and tell us what you think about them in the comments! After you’re done with this list, be sure to check out Part 1 of this feature right here.

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Let’s start with a round of applause for the ‘You Should Have Hired an Architect’ group that recently celebrated its first birthday! Over 41K devoted members honor the occasion by consistently sharing the weirdest design solutions they stumble upon online. We were curious to learn more about this project and its community, so we got in touch with the admin of the group, Allison Beer McKenzie, an architect and director of sustainability at SHP Leading Design in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“It’s estimated that only 2% of single-family houses in the US are designed by a trained and licensed architect,” she told Bored Panda. “Good design can make a really big impact on the spaces people live, work and play in. On the other hand, bad design can be detrimental to space function and enjoyment,” she said. “Plus sometimes bad design is really, really funny.”

Allison explained she created the group to have some fun with poor design solutions, as well as to share insight into what it means to be an architect, “because many people really have no idea about all the things that architects do (or don’t!) do.”

When asked about the members of this community, the architect told us they are a really active group of posters and commenters, “which makes the discussion a lot of fun.” However, sometimes people over there get a little carried away. “Like all Facebook groups, debate can sometimes get heated. I’m fortunate to have a great group of moderators with me to help keep things fun and informative,” she added.

As you’re scrolling through this list, you’ll notice that there’s no shortage of material for members of the online community to poke fun at. Allison noted there have been so many flawed designs shared on the group that it’s really hard to pick favorites. But she pointed out a few that have been posted in the last couple of weeks, so be sure to take a look at them here and here. “They range from technically poor design to spaces that function terribly to things that just look ridiculous,” the architect explained. “We also get quite a few enjoyable posts about houses that are just over the top or very taste specific. My personal favorites are when people share [what the heck] moments from their own homes so that we can all share their pain.”

While the title of this group suggests that going without the help of a professional is simply a bad idea, Allison said that certainly, not every house or house renovation project needs an architect. However, “If you want a house that is carefully designed and tailored to your family and the way you live, an architect brings the knowledge and skillset needed to create a perfect fit.”

“People often assume that architects are exorbitantly expensive, but good design really can save money in the long run as long as you find the right architect for you and your goals,” she suggested. “If you’re considering hiring an architect — definitely meet with a few to find the right match!”

In a previous interview with Bored Panda, Allison explained the key reasons why people forgo hiring an architect. “One is definitely that they are cost-conscious or think they can’t afford an architect. The other, I believe, is they don’t know about or appreciate the value that an architect can bring to their house design.” Moreover, she added that working with a professional not only ensures you’re left with a solid project but also includes things like “a house that fits seamlessly onto the site it is on and is ideally designed for the climate it’s being built on.”

When people believe they can do the work themselves while lacking knowledge on the subject, they often set themselves up for failure. After all, it takes years of study to become an expert in creating safe and enjoyable environments. According to Allison, many of the mistakes people make when designing homes themselves “stem from the fact that most people have trouble thinking in three dimensions without training in how to do so. This often leads to houses with weird proportions or awkward connections between materials and elements.”

The architect wanted to remind you that “building a house is probably the biggest investment you ever make and is going to require you to make hundreds of decisions in a condensed amount of time.”

“Having an architect at your side to guide you through decisions ranging from where the house sits on the lot, to room size and location, to what color grout you want for your bathroom floor can help ensure that you end up with a result you love and maintain your sanity!”

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