Feeding the design soul | The West Australian

Feeding the design soul | The West Australian

As a child, Rietveld Architects Head Interior Designer Andrea Martinez was always involved in various creative pursuits, so it’s little surprise her career path eventually led to interior design.

“I originally studied marketing and advertising at university and moved to London soon after,” she said.

“I returned to Perth for a holiday but ended up meeting my future husband and never moved back.”

With the change of scenery came a change of career for Ms Martinez.

“I took the opportunity to follow my childhood dream of being an interior designer and went back to full-time study again to gain my professional qualification,” she said.

“From then on, I’ve never been far from a fabulous coffee table book, a fashion-forward website, a design trend podcast or a new supplier’s Instagram – I am constantly hunting for new designs, products and technology for high-end interiors.”

Leading a team of interior designers at Rietveld Architects, Ms Martinez considers every aspect of the client’s interior design.

“We use three-dimensional modelling packages to produce a highly comprehensive set of detailed design and construction drawings, which are used by our trades and builders,” she said.

“Our interior design scope covers everything from lighting and electrical layouts, full cabinetry designs, plumbing and appliance selections, internal and external colour and material selections, door and glass schedules, window treatments, design integration with landscapers, furniture curation and art selection, and even styling the home.

“We have a very close working relationship with our clients and our builder, which makes our role a truly collaborative and cohesive one.

“My team and I are involved from the very first architectural concept meeting through to the final moments of when the client turns the key in their front door.”

In this role, Ms Martinez has been involved with a range of unique and one-off designs, which made selecting her favourite project a challenging task.

“All of our projects are special to me for many different reasons,” she said.

“We are currently working on a few amazing projects, but one that stands out to me is a project currently under construction with Zorzi in Peppermint Grove.

“The home is structured as two large dwellings – one for living and one for formal entertaining and events.

“Each building is connected in a pavilion-style format to embrace the existing natural landscapes and water features to create a sense of intimacy on the sprawling 3500sqm block.

“At its core, this mid-century-inspired home supports an authentic and timeless interior scheme, rather than clinging to current trends and colours.

“A soft, organic interior palette filled with natural stone, timber cabinetry and billowing linens complement the clean architectural lines and indoor/outdoor sensibility.

“This home is one of our premier projects and could only be achieved with a tangible synergy between client, builder and design team.

“Projects like this really feed the design soul.

“The privilege to be able to hand-craft a home in this way is every designer’s dream.”

Ms Martinez said the job was not without its challenges but working together saw great outcomes.

“The best results come from shared ideas and challenging the status quo, so parking your ego at the door is essential,” she said.

“It’s about really listening to your clients wishes, trusting in the expertise of your trades and your builder and seeking out new ideas from your design contemporaries to continually push the boundaries.

“The way that we find our way forward through any challenge begins with teamwork and a willingness to be flexible.

“A different perspective is not a criticism on the design but is instead an opportunity to propel the scheme into the next echelon.”

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