GAIAS Home offers local yet plush bed linen


Quality bed linens can be a great pleasure (and relief) to return home to. GAIAS Home knows all about that and brings that luxurious experience to customers from a local source. 

If there is anything humans have in common, it is this: we spend at least a third of our lives either sleeping or trying to fall asleep. Sometimes, we spend our waking hours in bed either catching up on the latest episode of our favourite shows or just scrolling on the phone. 

While we may not necessarily be conscious of how the bedroom feels like during sleep, the environment plays a role in the quality of sleep we’re clocking in — and this includes your bed sheets. To deliver the best sleeping experience to its customers, GAIAS Home only uses the best of the best materials: long-staple cotton and Tencel (cellulose fibres from sustainable Eucalyptus trees). 

If you’re one to find immediate comfort and sanctuary whenever you lounge on a freshly-made hotel bed, then GAIAS Home bedding sets are the ones for you. The Bed Linen Signature Soft Cotton Sheets feature buttery smooth sateen woven material that instantly turns your bedroom into a 5-star bed. However, if you’re feeling extravagant, check out the extra silky Hypersoft Tencel Sheets, a delightfully soft and breathable material that will keep you cool and cosy all night long. 

A comfy bed is a welcoming sight.

Ideally, bed sheets are to be changed weekly. Especially in Malaysia, it’s best to practice this routine due to the hot and humid weather. On top of that, dead skin cells shed through the night can also produce buildup in the weaves, reducing the breathability of the beddings. These and many more factors can reduce the quality of your shuteye, and later affect you during your waking hours. 

In order to adhere to this routine (without downgrading your sheets, of course) GAIAS Home bed sheets are sold at attainable prices, so you can have a spare or two at home, ready to be fitted for your next siesta. With a rainbow of colours to choose from, there will be a hue or two that will catch the eye. 

If this all sounds too good to be true, the brand offers a 100-day guarantee so customers can return the beddings if they’re unhappy with them. The returned goods will be given to a new home, such as old folks’ homes and orphanages. During the Klang flood last year, GAIAS Home pitched in and donated their quality sheets to the families in need. 

Three years into the bedding business, the brand maintains its 100-day trial offer, allowing customers to experience these superior bed sheets without the commitment. For Jia Wei, nothing beats a good rest, and after the stressful couple of years that we have all had, some quality sleep can make all the difference. 

Founder of GAIAS Home, Lee Jia Wei, speaks to PrestigeOnline Malaysia on how the brand came to be and why he believes that quality sleep should be accessible to all.

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