Groupe Berkem and Soprema Collaborate to Design Unprecedented Insulating Panels for the Market

Groupe Berkem and Soprema Collaborate to Design Unprecedented Insulating Panels for the Market


Following an R&D phase lasting more than 30 months, Groupe Berkem (ISIN: FR00140069V2 – Ticker: ALKEM) (Paris:ALKEM) — a specialist in integrating plant-based chemistry into everyday life — and the SOPREMA Group have made their collaboration official. This collaboration is aimed at marketing PAVATEX wood fibre insulating panels that incorporate a unique bio-based anti-fungal solution developed and formulated by Groupe Berkem. The solution’s benefits include improved performance and resistance of insulation panels to microorganisms and increased durability. This is another illustration of Groupe Berkem’s commitment to supporting the ecological transition of the construction industry.

Cutting-edge technology to address industrial challenges

As part of its R&D programme to increase the proportion of bio-based materials in its products, SOPREMA approached Groupe Berkem in order to integrate a low environmental impact bio-based treatment that resists microorganism growth into its complete range of PAVATEX wood fibre-based thermal insulation products for buildings.

Groupe Berkem has thus developed a unique fungicidal (anti-mould) formula, incorporating a plant-based preservation process. This patented solution contains a polyphenolic extract used in a bio-based formulation, which enables SOPREMA to offer wood fibre panels that are more tolerant of both processing and durability conditions. This new range of insulating materials, which has been in testing for almost three years, will be available on the market by the first quarter of 2023. SOPREMA will propose the range to all building insulation professionals (roofs, walls and floors).

The development of a unique solution that meets the needs of the market is the result of the collaboration between our two Groups and the pooling of our technical expertise. For Groupe Berkem, this collaboration agreement is part of our continuous commitment to supporting the transition of chemical substances to eco-responsible and bio-based solutions. Thus, the Group is reaffirming its position as a leader in plant-based chemistry serving manufacturers” commented Olivier Fahy, Chairman and CEO of Groupe Berkem.

“The SOPREMA Group provides high-performance, innovative and responsible solutions that meet the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s buildings. The collaboration with Groupe Berkem is part of our global R&D strategy to increase the proportion of bio-based materials in our products. This partnership guarantees the optimal technical performance of our PAVATEX wood fibre panels and consolidates our position as a responsible player, particularly by introducing the 1st low impact solution to the market” added Pierre-Etienne BINDSCHEDLER, President of SOPREMA.


Founded in 1993, Groupe Berkem is an industrial chemical group organised into 4 business units and 4 subsidiaries: Plant Extraction (led by BERKEM SAS), Freeze-drying (EUROLYO), Formulation (ADKALIS) and Resin Synthesis (led by LIXOL). Groupe Berkem is a leading player in plant-based chemistry, with a mission to fast-track the ecological transition of players in the everyday chemical industry (cosmetics, food, construction, public hygiene, etc.) The Group employs nearly 165 people at its headquarters (Blanquefort, Gironde), and has 3 industrial sites located in Gardonne (Dordogne), La Teste-de-Buch (Gironde) and Chartres (Eure-et-Loir). Groupe Berkem has been listed on Euronext Growth Paris since December 2021 (ISIN: FR00140069V2 – ALKEM).

Manager: Olivier Fahy, CEO of Groupe Berkem


SOPREMA is an independent family-owned group that dates back to 1908, and it is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of protection, energy efficiency and building management.

As a responsible and pioneering manufacturer, the Group is now a key player in this sector. SOPREMA offers high-performance, high-tech solutions that meet all the challenges of new residential and non-residential construction and renovation. SOPREMA systems are developed in keeping with eco-design, and now offer exceptional performance in terms of quality and longevity. SOPREMA‘s vision: taking action to enhance the built heritage and comfort of users while reducing their impact on the environment.

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