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Home & Design | A Den of Foxes

Heather and Brad Fox, the duo behind the growing Fox empire (which includes real estate, design, remodeling, a retail shop, and starring roles on HGTV’s Should I Stay or Go?) weren’t necessarily looking to move when they fell for their Edina home, but they found the house’s bones and lakeside location too good to pass up. During the remodel last year, the couple leaned into the house’s existing midcentury architecture with a 1970s-inspired color palette, clean finishes, and sunny, swinging energy that’s perfectly suited to the family of four, including sons Graham (10) and Wesley (8), and labradoodle Ivy (1). “This is the fifth house Brad and I have done for ourselves, but this time we didn’t think about resale,” Heather says. “We designed it just for us—how we live and what we like.”

Their first order of business was rethinking the floor plan of the spacious 1950s rambler, located on Lake Cornelia. The kitchen was cut off from the family room, and the sole main-floor bedroom was an absurdly large owner’s suite that included two bathrooms, a sitting room, an office, and a bar—one of three in the house.

The new layout relocated the kitchen to the back of the house with a view of the lake. The dining room moved to the front, just off the main entry. “It’s a little out of the way and nice for dinner parties,” Heather says. They also reclaimed space from the owner’s suite to create two additional bedrooms and a bath for the boys so the family can all sleep on the same level.

Heather loves color, pattern, and calm order in equal measure (“My brain needs to rest sometimes,” she notes) and pulls it off by prioritizing storage to minimize visual clutter. In this house, that meant making room for walk-in closets in each bedroom so piles of clothes and toys can go behind  a closed door. Another example is a genius scullery in a narrow space off the kitchen—with open shelving for dry goods, a long counter for small appliances, a sink, and a dishwasher—that allows her to keep the out-in-the-open main kitchen tidy.

The lower level is like a hip boutique hotel with a pool-party-ready Palm Springs–inspired bar and changing area/bathroom that’s accessible via an exterior door for swimmers’ convenience (and to minimize wet footprints). Lockers for the kids’ friends’ clothing, a separate shower room tiled in cabana stripes, and a washer and dryer for towels are thoughtful and fun touches that reflect Heather and Brad’s welcoming, practical nature. “We wanted a house that works for us and makes our guests feel comfortable,” says Heather. “I think we nailed it.”

“I don’t want to live in a rainbow, but I need some color and pattern to add life, energy, and happiness to a space.”

—Heather Fox, homeowner

Design/Renovation: Fox Homes, 4400 France Ave. S., Edina, 952-473-1716,

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