How to design a home that boosts your well-being

How to design a home that boosts your well-being

Your home is where you spend the most amount of time. It is your resting place away from the cacophony of the outside world. As such, it’s crucial that your home aids your well-being. But how can that happen? According to experts, you can ensure the same by keeping certain things in mind while designing your place.

“Architects and designers tend to focus on the functionality of the space when creating a design, often overlooking the user that enlivens it. Built environments are experienced by their forms, spaces, and surfaces to incite feelings that inspire and elevate everyday life,” Apoorva Shroff, Founder and Principal Designer, lyth Design said.

Shroff suggested five important things you must keep in mind while designing your home to boost your well-being.

Comfort is always a priority

According to the expert, one must prioritise comfort while designing any space. “Just like nobody can focus on a performance or movie in uncomfortable seats, it is important to create comfortable environments for efficiency, comfort and wellbeing,” she said.

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Incorporate natural elements

Adding natural elements to one’s home is a growing trend worldwide. Incorporating plants or using earthy colour palettes “can help craft spaces that put the mind at ease and offer peace to the occupiers”.

Employ tech as per your need

We are surrounded by tech in all aspects of our life. Use them for your well-being as even small elements can have a great impact on the overall space, Shroff said. “For instance, create a peaceful, spa-like ambience, one can use a white noise machine, and air purifier to create a peaceful atmosphere.”

home decor One of the most crucial elements that help set the mood for a space is lighting (Source: Pexels)

Set the mood right

One of the most crucial elements that help set the mood for a space is lighting. “Warm lighting can help create cosy spaces such as bedrooms, whereas white lights help create an ideal environment for a workspace. Manipulation of lighting is also imperative, for instance, a theatre room requires minimal lighting and the same needs to be enabled for maximum efficiency and great spatial experiences,” she said.

Natural ventilation

Highlighting the importance of natural ventilation for your well-being, the designer said, “a workspace for efficient functioning demands natural light and ventilation and the perfect amount of artificial lighting for optimum productivity.”

In addition to these things, one can also introduce natural materials, vintage furniture pieces, and candles or essential oils to their home, according to Devika Khosla, Creative Director, The Works Interiors. Here’s how they help, according to the designer.

Natural materials

Materials like marble, stone and wood form aesthetically better and calmer spaces because they are derived from nature. Using these materials in the home as the flooring material for furniture and other uses instead of artificial materials like vinyl or other synthetic products is preferable.

Vintage furniture pieces

They can be pre-owned pieces inherited from the family or discovery at the local vintage store. Additionally, travel souvenirs, photographs, books and art pieces make the best decor pieces; such a collection is as personal as it gets.

Build the ambience

Fragrance through candles or essential oils will make your living room luxurious and inviting. Add fresh flowers to endow the space with a happy vibe and brighten up a dull day.

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