I’m an interior design expert – you may have the least-popular design trend in your kitchen, but it’s easy to fix

I’m an interior design expert – you may have the least-popular design trend in your kitchen, but it's easy to fix

THERE’S one kitchen trend from the last 50 years that stands out as especially ugly – and chances are you might have the feature in your own home.

Interior design experts have advice on how to fix it, though, and the solution may be easier than you think.


Tile countertops are the ‘worst’ kitchen design trend but experts say they can be fixedCredit: Getty

According to a 2019 survey by home furnishing company Empire Today, tiled kitchen countertops are the least-popular kitchen design trend of the last 50 years.

Older homes are especially likely to have tile countertops, and while a vintage look can be chic, survey respondents said this utilitarian holdover is reminiscent of the 70s and 80s in a negative way.

In fact, tile countertops beat out inspirational wall quotes and shag carpeting as one of the most cringe-worthy home styles featured in the poll.

Luckily, home experts know easy ways to spruce up your tile countertop if you can’t replace it completely.

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The home experts at Domino recommended ways to modernize your kitchen countertops and avoid looking too old-school.

If you want to carry an accent color throughout your kitchen, painting the trim on your countertop is one way to upgrade your counters and make the shade of your choosing stand out.

“Most ceramic tiles can be painted as long as they’re not subject to water,” the experts wrote.

“According to Sherwin-Williams, you’ll have to clean and lightly sand the surface first (as you would a wall) and go over it with an acrylic primer before applying a high-quality latex-based paint.”

If a small pop of color isn’t enough for you, the home experts suggested a different way to break up a bland surface.

“Read between the lines: The literal glue holding your boring white tiles together is your best friend,” the experts said.

It shouldn’t be difficult to stain the grout or adhesive, either.

“Simply dyeing the seams moss green, bright yellow, or electric blue will freshen up the dated feature,” the outlet recommended.

Or take advantage of the checkerboard trend, and pain a pattern onto individual squares.

You can also go the opposite direction and lean into the full-monochrome look, which can pull double duty and disguise any imperfections.

Try painting your cabinets the same color as your tile, which will guide the eye from the countertop up the wall and visually expand the space.

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Or, lean into the tile itself. Especially if you have an eye-catching color, extend the look beyond countertops and backsplash, and let the tiles stretch all the way up the wall or down over the front of the sink.

Keeping a single-tone look gives the eye “a visual breather,” the experts said, making your kitchen a relaxing space whether you’re sipping drinks with guests or cooking up a storm.

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