Jazz To Debut Two New Courts For 2022-23 Season

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Not one, but TWO NEW COURTS! 

For the 2022-23 season, Utah is unveiling two new courts for the upcoming year — taking a unique and innovative approach that combines the magical days of the past with the bright days of the future.

“We wanted to try to be innovative in our approach to the design, which is something we’ve been cognizant of in everything we do,” Design Director Ben Barnes said. “With the new core court, that meant looking at some new ways to do common elements. … With the updated mountain court, it meant finding ways to merge elements from the past with those of the present.”

With the Purple Mountain jerseys returning for the upcoming season and Utah concentrating on bringing purple back into the fold, fans will be treated to a truly stunning “Mountain” court.

Evoking emotions from the past — specifically, Utah’s back-to-back trips to the NBA Finals in the late 90s — the classic Purple Mountain logo will sit prominently at midcourt with a purple key on either end. The All-Star logo will be placed where the players check-in as well.

“The Mountain court still features the classic mountain logo from the late 90s that fans know and love,” Barnes added. “The court now features updated word marks on the baseline and replaces teal with purple in the keys to drive home the important role purple will continue to play in our brand. To commemorate our hosting of the 2023 All-Star Game, the new All-Star secondary mark will be placed at the check-in area at center court.”

An innovative new approach signifying the era of change upon the Jazz, the “Core” court is shining brighter than ever. 

The iconic Note symbol will be front and center in the middle of the court. The wood paneling will be angled rather than the typical horizontal look seen around the NBA, flowing in conjunction with the Note to provide phenomenal symmetry.

But one of the most eye-popping sections will be the chrome outline of the Note logo on the top and bottom of the court. As a nod to Utah hosting the 2023 NBA All-Star game in February, the all-star game logo will be at center court where players go to check into the game.

“We’ve had some very recognizable courts in our history, and wanted this new core court to be no different,” Barnes said. “The wood for the entire floor will be cut and angled to match the angle of the Note logo, while the sidelines will feature cropped elements of the Note in a chrome paint color, a first in the NBA. We’re hopeful that these elements will add up to a court that will be instantly recognizable as belonging to the new Utah Jazz.”

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