KING’s universal design makes it a perfect fit for every home – Prestige Online

KING’s universal design makes it a perfect fit for every home - Prestige Online

KING believes that well-designed furniture enhances our lives, and often the best designs are typically the most universal. The merit of universal design is in its ability to consider most individual needs through thoughtful composition. The best creations are as accessible as possible to all regardless of gender, age, size, abilities, or any other defining aspect.  

KING continues to pursue universality in design through modularity. A modular design philosophy allows independent parts to move and connect, enabling easy customisation and the ability to reuse and repair individual parts. Modular furniture promotes sustainability as it offers a sense of future-proofing with the flexibility to personalise and rearrange configurations according to changing tastes and needs. 

“Comfort is such a subjective and personal thing. Modular furniture affords us the flexibility to adjust and reconfigure to suit our body ergonomics, lifestyles and home environments, all of which can change and evolve over time,” the KING Design Studio explains. 

In-house designers like Alinta Lim continue to reinforce this design ethos, adding to its evolution. Born in Sydney to Malaysian parents, Lim has played a critical role in creating some of the award-winning and well-loved pieces at KING. 

The Australian furniture company understands that diversity of perspectives creates fresh ideas that give the world of design forward-momentum, resulting in beautiful and comforting designs that everyone can appreciate. 

While women have been critically under-represented in design fields, KING is committed to changing the norm. The brand recognises women across its team of in-house designers and craftspeople, embracing their passion, creative vision, and leadership skills. “Having more female designers in leading roles and representation for all types of people will foster more diverse and empathetic design thinking, which benefits everyone,” says Lim. 

Alinta Lim

One of Lim’s significant contributions at KING is the Issho Dining collection, one of the brand’s most beloved dining tables. Issho is Japanese for “together”, a fitting name for the ideal place to gather with family and loved ones. 

“Issho started purely as a form exercise, seeing how repetitions of this singular sculpted piece could come together harmoniously to create a full pedestal volume,” the designer explains. Defined by a series of curved pillars forming a dynamic base, Issho can morph from an open to closed design. 

This flexibility inspired the creation of more iterations of the Issho Collection. Lim is particularly partial to the coffee and side tables, where each base set of legs forms from a single dining leg cut in half. An Organic, non-symmetrical design, they are some of the most notably unique pieces in the highly modular collection. 

Issho Dining Collection

Lim was also a member of the design team that created the Quay Dining set, known for its understated elegance. The table features subtle curved edges and gracefully tapered legs finished in a carefully curated palette. Clean and contemporary, the Quay Dining table cleverly stores extension leaves within the table’s frame, adding two additional seats to the table. 

Lim has also contributed to developing the Jasper bed, which embodies contemporary luxury. Sleek and minimal, the bed offers innovative solutions to enhance the bedroom with integrated lighting, shelves, storage, and wireless charging. One of the best examples of universal design, the Jasper bed ensures that everything you need is near without cluttering your space. 

Jasper Bed

Although not one of her own designs, the young designer considers the elegant Zaza sofa her favourite. “The past two pandemic-ridden years really fortified my love for the Zaza sofa. We spent so much time lounging on it, working and answering Zoom calls on it, to even having house guests sleeping on it. It is truly an ‘everything’ sofa,” exclaims Lim. Designed by acclaimed designer Charles Wilson, the refined sofa boasts adjustable arms and backs that easily conforms to your ideal seating angle. 

While there is still much work to address the disparity in the number of women and men in the design field, KING is committed to making a change. The brand embraces diversity, actively cultivating an environment where the next generation of female designers like Alinta Lim can thrive in pursuit of stunningly inventive universal designs. 

Explore the exceptional universal designs by KING today and visit the showrooms in IPC Shopping Centre and Bangsar. For the comfort and safety of all shoppers, personalised showroom visits and virtual consultation options are available on request at either showroom. To learn more about KING and its offerings, visit today. 

(Main image: The Zaza Sofa) 

This story was first published in Prestige Malaysia’s Women of Power issue. To read it along with the May 2022 issue, pick up a copy in store or subscribe on Magzter.

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