Love minimalist design? Nama Home’s tasteful decor should be on your wish list

Love minimalist design? Nama Home's tasteful decor should be on your wish list

One only has to speak to Namit Khanna for a couple of minutes to discern how passionate he is about minimalist design. When I first asked to see his at-the-time WIP website, he agreed to send me a link on the condition that I view it on my desktop, not my mobile phone, for “the full experience”. (Khanna would issue the caveat to me three more times over text and email before finally sharing the link). It’s easy to see where the product designer’s insistence stems from once you’re on Nama Home’s website—its tastefully designed interface causes the metal to gleam brighter; the edges to contort more sinuously; the decor to beckon to you more invitingly than it would on a smaller screen. 

At once decor and sculpture, Nama Home’s minimalist furniture is designed to inspire conversation. Putting a fresh spin on natural elements and everyday objects—like a whale’s half-submerged tail, a spider’s web, a scuba tank or an unassuming paper clip—founder and creative director Khanna innovatively bends metal to his will so that his products can become centrepieces in the homes of whimsical Gen Zers and older aesthetes alike.

Vogue India speaks to the designer on the origins of his brand, its practicality and its future:

The beginning

“I loved to draw as a child and up until the age of 12, I used to sketch almost every day. That’s when I realised that I had a creative acumen, although now my sketching is as good as a doctor’s prescription. Around the time I was discovering my creativity, my father would frequent international furniture exhibitions and he made it a point to take me with him. While I was excited to visit other countries for duty-free chocolates, something else was brewing inside my brain without my being aware of it. I like to believe that the exposure to all these beautiful products was my first tryst with design.”

The whetting

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