Make Your Home Perfect for Hosting Parties

Make Your Home Perfect for Hosting Parties

You want your summer to be filled with barbeques in your backyard, dinner parties in your dining room and afternoon coffees with your friends in your living room. You’re hoping to host these gatherings all season long. Is your house ready?

Read ahead to find out what design changes will make your house the perfect party spot this summer.

Adjustable Seating Areas

You don’t want your guests to squeeze around a small dining room table in mismatched chairs and try their best to eat their food without bumping elbows and knocking food onto the floor. If you’re planning on hosting a good dinner party, you need to have a table that can seat every guest.

Where can you get a table like this? The website Transformer Table offers a 6-in-1 dining set that you can adjust to match your guest list. If you’re having an intimate dinner for four, you can adjust the panels so that the table and chairs fit between 4-6 guests. If you’re having a big reunion, you can expand the set to comfortably fit 12 guests. You can expand it or shrink it whenever you need to.

A dining room table isn’t the only adjustable seating area you should look into. Look into adjustable couches, which come with attachable modular sections you can add to accommodate more guests. You can rearrange these modular sections into individual seats, love seats, footrests or sectional sofas.

What about outdoor events? If you’re planning on hosting an event in your backyard when the weather is nice, you should get an adjustable patio set! This seating option will guarantee that everyone is comfortable at your next barbeque.

Make Your Home Perfect for Hosting Parties

Make Your Seats Cozy

Make all of your seats cozy! Your guests could be sitting on them for hours and hours.

Add plenty of throw pillows on your couches, chairs and benches. Drape throw blankets over the back of these seats or place them nearby in baskets. Guests can grab one of these when they’re feeling chilly.

Pillows are also great backup plans when you run out of seating. If you’re hosting a crowded party and every seat is taken, a guest can still take a throw pillow off the couch and comfortably sit on the floor.

Stock a Bar Cart

Are you planning on inviting friends over for summer cocktails? Then, you should have a fully stocked bar cart ready when they arrive.

A bar cart should carry bar tools like a cocktail shaker, mixing glass, jigger, strainer and bar spoon. It should have a variety of glassware, like shot glasses, martini glasses, coupe glasses and wine glasses. Finally, you should stock it with ingredients for your cocktails. Keep a variety of spirits, liqueurs, bitters and syrups on the cart.

Remember that some alcohols need to be refrigerated for proper storage. Keep these in the fridge to prevent spoilage!

A bar cart is convenient for indoor and outdoor events because you can wheel it wherever it needs to go. Bring it to the dining room when you’re hosting a dinner (perhaps a boozy brunch) or guide it outdoors during a barbeque.

You don’t have to use your bar cart for cocktails only. You can use it to serve piping hot cups of tea, cool glasses of lemonade, bite-sized appetizers and more.

Add a Coat of Paint

You might be surprised to learn that the paint you add to your walls can make your house a better party spot. Some colours can influence people’s moods, making them feel calmer, happier and even more energetic. This is called colour psychology.

What colour paint should you choose? If you love entertaining, a warm colour like orange could be an excellent addition to your dining room, living room or games room. In colour psychology, orange is associated with energy, enthusiasm and happiness. So, your orange walls could unconsciously inspire your guests to get deeply invested during a board game night or share their favourite stories during an afternoon coffee.

If you want to inspire a more relaxed, leisurely vibe, then green is a great colour to decorate with. Green is a soothing, relaxing colour that could make your guests feel at ease when they’re sipping wine at your dinner table or curling up for a movie marathon on your sectional.

These are just some of the design changes that can turn your home into the perfect party space. Make these changes, and then send out your invitations!

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