NYCxDesign 2022: Highlights From a Whirlwind New York Design Week

NYCxDesign 2022: Highlights From a Whirlwind New York Design Week

The Magna Chair, by Charles Constantine, part of the Sight Unseen collaboration with Bestcase.

Photo courtesy Sight Unseen

On May 7, Sight Unseen launched its first-ever capsule collection. Teaming up with furniture brand Bestcase, the renowned design blog commissioned talents like Thévoz-Choquet, Home Studios, and Studio Anansi to imagine bespoke metal tables, chairs, and even a decorative screen with a minimalist, yet playful, quality. Elsewhere, The Future Perfect’s Casa Perfect presented three distinct showcases: Ben and Aja Blanc’s latest Kingdom For a Horse furniture and lighting series, Eindhoven-based collective Dutch Invertuals’s first foray into NFTs, and FreelingWaters’s hand-painted cabinets. Restrained organicism, optical illusion, and an unexpected use of material ran through all three activations. Dutch design was everywhere: On Canal Street, Roman and Williams’s Guild Gallery displayed intuitive stonework by self-taught sculptor Mirjam de Nijs.

Group Shows Galore

If that wasn’t enough already, a slew of thematic group shows also took hold at NYCxDesign. The Female Design Council, headed by Lora Appleton, mounted an exhibition at heritage Danish furniture producer Carl Hansen & Son’s Flatiron showroom. Incorporating one-off pieces by Arielle Assouline-Lichten, Yolande Milan Batteau, Kate Danessa, and others, the showcase focused on the use of craft to subvert traditional gender roles. Boston-based Salon Design opened its new Nolita outpost, with a juried exhibition featuring 20 contemporary makers working in the functional art sphere. Those featured in the “Metamorphosis” exhibition included River Valadez, Ashley Page, and the design firm Laun.

Los Angeles–based platform Sized mounted its second exhibit in Donna Karan’s striking West Village residential complex. Titled “Industrialism,” the display—curated by Alexander May and on view until May 28—brought together a wide array of collectible furnishings, artworks, and even a rare 1980s Lamborghini jeep (furnished by Morton St. Partners) to support its theme.

Otras Formas, a buzzy, new design brand launched by Alex Lithgow, former head of design at Dmitriy & Co., exhibited inaugural “footed” and “serif end” collections, with furnishings by Kin & Company, Algierwork, and James Dieter.