See Every Room Inside the Kingston Design Showhouse 2021

See Every Room Inside the Kingston Design Showhouse 2021
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When Maryline Damour, founder of design-build firm Damour Drake and industry network Kingston Design Connection, began the Kingston Design Showhouse in 2018, the region’s modern makers and design talents were relatively unknown to outsiders. These days, with help of design fair Field & Supply and a pandemic-induced migration of New York City residents to upstate, those talents are seeing a new swell of attention.

“The project has two goals. One, to connect Hudson Valley designers with each other, and two, to show that design sourcing can happen right here in Kingston,” Damour told AD PRO at the show house’s launch. Well, mission accomplished. Now, she’s adding one more goal: Accessibility.

With New York City transplants arriving in the region during the pandemic, the average home value rose 30% in the Kingston metro area, according to Zillow. In an effort to help a local resident find affordable housing, Kingston Design Connection has partnered with the Kingston City Land Bank to rehab a property in dire need of repair for the latest show house. The home will be sold to a first-time homeowner who earns 80% or less of the area median income. “It’s the type of partnership that I’d love to see show houses across the country imitate,” Damour says.

See the incredible transformation of this year’s Kingston Design Showhouse, on view on weekends through October 24, below.

The before image of the home's crumbling exterior

The property had been abandoned for 15 years before the Kingston City Land Bank gave the show house the keys.

Photo courtesy Kingston City Land Bank

Exterior of the Kingston Design Showhouse

The home’s newly renovated exterior, styled by Stacey Anderson.

Photo: Phil Mansfield