See Inside the Hard Rock Hotel New York

See Inside the Hard Rock Hotel New York

Brass cymbals adorn the walls of the foyer to The Venue on Music Row, an entertainment space spanning two floors of the Hard Rock Hotel New York that’s inspired by the jazz clubs, speakeasies, and dinner-theater performances of old New York.Photo: Courtesy of Hard Rock Hotel New York

NEW YORKBetween Sixth and Seventh avenues on 48th Street in New York City, Music Row once stood. Up until 2018, it was home to shops that sold instruments and other musical gear to legends like Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones.

Now, it’s home to the Hard Rock Hotel New York. Opened in April, the 446-room property pays homage to this bygone hotspot of recording studios and music stores through its design, amenities, and guest experiences.

Just a few blocks away, on Broadway, you’ll find the Hard Rock Cafe, which remains a Times Square tourist landmark. But the new hotel offers an elevated version of the kitschy brand, with a design featuring blue tones and gold accents that’s reminiscent of the city at dusk, sculptural artwork, and (of course) sprinkles of New York rock memorabilia like Lady Gaga’s patent leather boots and Joey Ramone’s leather motorcycle jacket.

Spearheaded by New York design firm Jeffrey Beers International, the Hard Rock Hotel New York offers a modern take on the rock-and-roll aesthetic that the globally recognized company is known for.

“An established brand like Hard Rock has such a rich history and sets such a high level of expectation with guests that the biggest challenge as a designer is to ensure that you not only live up to those expectations—but exceed them,” explained Tim Rooney, project manager and principal at Jeffrey Beers International. “Especially when designing an urban hotel in the center of Times Square in the most glamorous city in the world, the design of the Hard Rock Hotel New York needed to take those expectations to the next level.”

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with an impressive stone floor featuring a circular soundwave pattern and a grand marble stairway, which has the illusion of being held together by guitar strings. On the 36th floor sits the Rock Star Suite, a glass-enclosed penthouse with city views, original contemporary artwork, bespoke music memorabilia, and one of the largest terraces for entertaining in New York City at 1,600 square feet. On the first level, the suite features an open-plan living and dining area with a bar and butler pantry, an outdoor bar, direct access to the RT60 rooftop bar and lounge, and more.

“Every space needed to evoke the glamour and depth of the music scene in New York,” Rooney said. “Every major musician in the world has played here and contributed to the musical history of New York, and that legacy continues to this day. The design of this hotel needed to tell that story.”

The Venue on Music Row is an entertainment space spanning two floors that’s inspired by the jazz clubs, speakeasies, and dinner-theater performances of old New York. The venue will play host to performances as well as fashion shows, after-parties, and gala dinners.

Translating the energy of a rock show into a hotel design makes sense for a large property situated in the middle of bustling Times Square.

“When designing large-scale projects like the Hard Rock Hotel New York, we pay close attention to how guests flow through the spaces and how this constant flow of movement can be controlled to still create intimate and inviting spaces to relax and linger,” Rooney said. “Boutique hotels generally want to create a more residential feeling while these larger-scale projects want to create excitement and energy.”

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