Selling your home? Top home improvements buyers could be looking for this year

Selling your home? Top home improvements buyers could be looking for this year

Home improvements can often win over buyers as well as potentially increasing house prices, depending on the work done. From setting up a home office, to repainting a room, effective improvements don’t always have to cost a lot of money. The research analysed more than 800,000 home improvement jobs on its platform as well as TikTok, Instagram and Google data to find out which home improvements are the most on-trend and could attract buyers.

According to Rated People’s 2022 Home Improvement Trends report, almost 38 percent of homeowners are already planning to repaint their homes this year.

Search data unveiled exactly what bedroom colours Britons are growing online.

In first place was green, which can add a pop of colour into the kitchen or a cosy feel into the bedroom.

While paint colours are important, what’s on the floor can ultimately transform a room.

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Home gyms have also become popular, after many were forced to work out from the comfort of their homes in the pandemic.

According to the research, a new home gym could set homeowners back around £13,500.

The Rated People report also found that outdoor entertaining areas were also something homeowners wanted to spend their money on this year.

Other trends included implementing Grandmillenial decor, painted arches and pink bathrooms.

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Grandmillenial decor involves using bold patterns and printed curtains around the home.

Garden spaces have also become increasingly important over the last couple of years, with many spending lots of time outside.

According to the research, a landscaped garden could add value to a home, attracting buyers too.

Homeowners were also said to want to spend the most money on tiling, new windows and adding a new porch to their homes.

New carpets throughout were also an improvement Britons want to make this year.

Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People said some of the home improvements could be achieved for less than £100.

She said: “Our properties have been changing and it’s no surprise that some of the things that have recently helped to enhance our lives like home gyms and outdoor entertaining areas are now more valuable than ever to homebuyers.

“Many of the 20 biggest home improvement and design trends could be achieved for less than £100 and a bit of DIY, which could see you make a nice profit if you’re looking to sell.

“If you’re keen to tackle a bigger job like building a kitchen pantry or laying a herringbone floor, or if you just want that professional finish on a paint job, we’d recommend using a skilled local tradesperson to help bring your home improvement plans to life.”