Taylor Plosser Davis is helping families live longer in homes they love (Taylor Plosser Davis Architecture and Design)

Taylor Plosser Davis is helping families live longer in homes they love (Taylor Plosser Davis Architecture and Design)

Winston Churchill mused the saying that, “We shape buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us.” Architects are creators, collaborators, and problem solvers which share the common goal of creating environments where people flourish. 

Taylor Davis, owner and architect with Taylor Plosser Davis Architecture + Design (TPD), lives and breathes in the details, from the artfully crafted architectural elements to the intuitive placement of lifestyle essentials for effortless daily living. TPD consists of a passionate team of design experts who will guide you along a unique path to produce your vision for a truly extraordinary home. 

Davis enjoys wearing many hats that being an architect offers, including problem-solver collaborator, listener, and leader. After graduating from Princeton and receiving her Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia, Taylor worked in New York for Beyer Blinder Belle where she collaborated on projects ranging from multi-family housing to boutique retail and urban design. Her work as a residential architect in private practice has remained focused on the concept that buildings are more than their structures, but instead can tell stories while reflecting how we live.

“Our goal is to provide exceptional service and guidance so that the stories our clients tell through their homes is about their own families and the neighborhoods they love, no matter where they live,” Davis said.

TPD Architecture and Design, founded in 2008 and located in Mountain Brook, provides architecture and design services for clients looking to build a home or update their current residence. 

“Our motto is to help families live longer in homes they love,” Davis said. “Whether someone is considering a renovation for a growing family, planning a new build for the next stage in life, or thinking about how they can continue to enjoy their home as an active senior, having experienced design professionals on your team is important.

“We can help you creatively consider your options, align your project with your investment goals, and guide you through the decision making process so that your new home supports your real life, beautifully,” Davis added. “Whether someone is considering a new home or a large addition, we will work closely with homeowners from the initial concept design to the final punch list.”

For Davis, one of the key elements is how a space will be used on a daily basis, and works to match this function with the lifestyle and taste of the client. TPD is firmly rooted in Birmingham, but serves clients outside of Alabama. They are additionally certified in North Carolina.

“Our work outside Alabama informs our designs as well,” Davis shared. “Our clients are our neighbors and our friends, and we consider it a privilege to be able to be a part of their lives as they design their homes, whether they are down the street or across the country.”

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