The Best New Home, Design and Food & Drink Releases This Week

The Best New Home, Design and Food & Drink Releases This Week

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House of Word Instant Cold Brew


People sure love their cold brew, but it takes a long time to actually get from coarse-ground coffee to that sweet elixir. House of Word takes away that long brewing process with its new instant cold brew coffee. Jonathan Dreszer, a former employee of the coffee shop and roastery Devoción, founded House of Word, eschewing the typical freeze-dried instant coffee for something new. The brand utilizes an instant cold brew process, which Dreszer explains like this: “The concentrated cold brew is added to a chamber that releases very hot and dry air which creates a dry, cool powder in less than one second, and greatly reduces the degradation of the product.”

The coffee is made by mixing the coffee crystals with either hot water (for hot coffee) or cold water (for cold brew). The beans that House of Word uses are sourced from India, which the brand touts as being a “top biodiversity hotspot.”

Price: $16+


BlueCut Pitmaster Apron

bluecut pitmaster apron


Apron brand BlueCut released a new fire-proof apron with Daniel Castillo, a renowned pitmaster from the SoCal barbecue restaurant Heritage Barbecue. The cross-back apron is completely flameproof, crafted from denim and fire-retardant Nomex threading. The apron is also insulated to help protect from the heat of a flame, something that Castillo being the pitmaster that he is. Accented with copper hardware, leather and orange pops of color, this apron will make a great gift for pitmasters and casual home cooks alike.

Price: $175


Made In Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Griddle

made in pre seasoned carbon steel griddle and grill press


Made In has expanded its line of carbon steel cookware with the addition of a new flat-top griddle. It’s basically the perfect way to recreate your favorite diner foods — like pancakes, melts and hashes — at home. The griddle can be used on a stove — gas or induction — a grill or an open flame. It’s safe to use at temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, and its complemented by leather-wrapped handles. Looking to score the perfect sears on your food? Made In also released an accompanying grill press to help your foods get full contact on the cooking surface.

Price: $139


Aarke Glass Water Purifier

aarke glass water purifier


Aarke, which makes my favorite water carbonator, is now in the water purification game, taking on brands like Brita and Pur. Instead of swapping out plastic filters regularly, you empty out the filtering granules and use the same filter basket. The beautifully designed pitcher is made of glass and stainless steel, and a convenient reminder on the bottom of the lid reminds you to freshen up your filter every four weeks.

Price: $150


Tyler Chin
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