The Chic Home: Elegant detached house for seven-person family

The Chic Home: Elegant detached house for seven-person family

SINGAPORE – The owners of this five-year-old house in Bukit Timah bought it so that all three generations of their seven-person family could live under the same roof.

The external structure and some finishes, such as the living room floor and master bathroom tiles, have been preserved.

However, some changes were still needed to make the 7,700 sq ft property suitable for the owners, a retired couple in their 50s who declined to reveal their names and previous occupations.

On the to-do list for boutique firm Collective Designs – which completed the renovations in a little less than a year, with the final built-up area spanning 10,000 sq ft – were making vehicular access to the basement car porch easier to navigate; adding an outdoor gazebo; creating a covered laundry and washing area at the back of the house; and making an interior entrance to the helper’s room.

Principal designer Selina Tay says the design team modified the living and dining area’s ceiling, and added a full-height floating bookshelf in front of the staircase to disguise an existing column.

Another major modification to the living area is a full-length feature wall with hidden doors to the guest room and adjacent powder room. The wall sports vertical fluting, curved elements and a subtle gold trim.

As the home owners enjoy cooking and entertaining, and the family usually eats at home, wet and dry kitchens were important additions to the spacious dining room.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets along one wall of the wet kitchen provide plenty of storage, including space for a double-door refrigerator.

An L-shaped worktop houses the cooker hob, hood and sink. An island in the middle serves as a preparation and storage area. Additional windows near the ceiling make the space feel bright and welcoming.

The wall and island bar counter are clad in imported, large-format Italian porcelain tiles.

The retired couple live here with their daughter and two sons, one of whom is married and has a three-month-old daughter. The couple and their three children each have one of five bedrooms on the second and third levels. All were reconfigured with special attention paid to the walk-in wardrobes and bathrooms. The entrances are unobtrusive and often concealed in feature walls.

The master bedroom is on the second level, along with two other bedrooms for the daughter and the other son. The entrance from the staircase landing opens to a sitting room. A hidden door reveals the sleeping area, while another one leads into the walk-in wardrobe and the en suite bathroom.

The bespoke, open-concept wardrobes boast full- and half-height units to store gowns, suits and separates. Folded clothing and accessories are stowed in cubby holes, drawers and other covered storage. His-and-hers basins, a wall-to-wall mirror above the vanity, and spacious shower and bath areas make the master bathroom feel luxurious.