This elegant NY farmhouse blends country and Shaker styles

This elegant NY farmhouse blends country and Shaker styles

‘We consider ourselves stewards of this historic property, and our goal was to preserve or restore the home’s original details where possible,’ says Keren Richter of the picturesque 1850s farmhouse, one of the world’s best homes, in New York state, where she and her family live.

Keren and her husband Thomas are the founders of interior design company White Arrow (opens in new tab). ‘We remodeled the home for our own family,’ says Keren. ‘The first iteration of the house dates back to the 1850s. It has undergone several additions over the years – one in the early 1900s, the 1950s, and now.’

The design of the home took a year and construction another year. ‘We restored the home’s front porch, which an earlier owner had eliminated,’ says Keren. ‘We returned the living room to its original footprint and reoriented the house, so you now enter through the front door again. We removed some walls, shifted others, and raised the low ceilings over two rooms. Our ultimate goal was to bring in additional functionality (we now have a walk-in pantry, a primary bedroom closet, a home office, and an additional bathroom). We also added historic wavy-glass windows and shifted other locations to bring in more light and views and create more symmetry.’

And when it came to the decor, the couple were careful to choose a look that chimes with the age of the house. ‘Our vision was to create a retreat reminiscent of a Cotswolds country home,’ says Keren. ‘The house feels a bit British by layering in block printed and antique floral patterning, rich wall colors, and warm textural upholstery in velvets and wool. And ultimately, the atmosphere is both storied and timeless, just like the home itself.’