This wonder box lets you easily grow nature’s miracle food right inside your home

This wonder box lets you easily grow nature’s miracle food right inside your home

Building your diet and your life around plant-forward meals isn’t exactly easy, especially when you take special care in selecting where the ingredients come from or how they’re harvested. In an ideal world, we’d all grow our own organic food in our pesticide-free yards, but few actually have the luxury of free space in the first place. Growing vegetables and herbs indoors is actually gaining momentum these days, but those aren’t the only things you can cultivate inside your house. Mushrooms are relatively easier to grow, especially indoors, but getting the conditions right isn’t that straightforward and painless as well. Fortunately, Shrooly has your back and makes growing mushrooms not only dead simple but also interesting and attractive as well.

Designer: Shrooly

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Although some people might balk after learning about its classification (spoiler alert: it’s a fungus), mushrooms are one of nature’s mysteries and wonders. They can pop up almost anywhere, especially in dark environments, which has become the origin of some idiomatic expressions. Not only are the edible variants great sources of nutrition and flavor, they can also have therapeutic or even medicinal benefits if you know how to grow and use them. Despite their ubiquity, getting your hands on quality mushrooms is ironically difficult unless you grow them, and this unassuming minimalist appliance makes that happen almost instantly.

Shrooly makes growing mushrooms as easy as putting a prepared pod inside the box and turning it on. While many indoor farms take weeks to harvest your produce, Shrooly can grow mushrooms in days. The humble appliance takes all of the guesswork and monitoring out of the equation so that you can just watch your mushrooms grow day by day. And when you yourself have grown into some sort of a mushroom expert, you can easily take control of the whole process as well through Shrooly’s mobile app. Whether you want more humidity or more light, the settings are just a few flicks and taps away.

For Complete Beginners – It is a smart device that allows you to enjoy every aspect of the mushroom-growing process with little to no effort.

Grow Your Own Superfood at Home – Shiitake, Reishi, Lion’s mane, or Enoki, are just some of the numerous mushroom varieties you can easily grow at home.

Part of Shrooly’s magic is the ready-to-grow pods available for purchase. A single block can grow two harvests of mushrooms, which are often three times more than what would have been able to buy from the market. Presuming, of course, you can even buy the mushrooms you want from the market, which often isn’t the case. In contrast, Shrooly pods offer a wide variety of edible mushrooms, including pink oyster and shitake, as well as medicinal breeds like Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Lion’s Mane. The latter group is definitely not something you’ll be able to pick from a supermarket shelf. And going with the sustainability theme, the pod blocks are fully organic, pesticide-free, and made from 100% recycled materials.

Shrooly also has one other special trait that isn’t directly related to the use of mushrooms. The box itself is beautiful, with a minimalist design that will fit anywhere at home, even in the middle of your living room. Its large window is made to showcase the mushroom that grows bigger each day that passes, sparking interest and anticipation. It will definitely be a conversation starter that could tide your family and friends over to a healthier diet.

Convincing people to try more plant-forward diets requires giving them scents and flavors they never knew they wanted and making it easier to acquire these sources as well. Why should you settle for frozen mushrooms which came from who knows where and were grown with questionable methods when you can grow your own batch in seven days and have more than twice the amount? With Shrooly, you can get all the mushrooms you need when you need them, even the ones you can’t even buy in groceries, and all for a $299 starting price that quickly pays for itself in savings.

Click Here to Buy Now: $293 $438 (33% off). YD readers get free growing pods worth $50. Hurry, only 5 left!