Tour the old house that inspired Maker&Son’s modern designs

Tour the old house that inspired Maker&Son's modern designs

The idea of a comfortable life in the country may conjure up a quaint rural idyll and a slower pace of life. For cabinetmaker and furniture designer Alex Willcock, however, 16 years of family life in a Grade II-listed property in rural Sussex, UK, proved instead to be the catalyst for a new business venture – one that has put any notion of a gentler pace of living firmly on the back burner. For it’s from here that Alex, together with his eldest son Felix, created a luxury furniture brand that purports to make the comfiest sofas in the world. And the starting point for all that comfort? Kemps House, one of the world’s best homes

‘In many ways, the house is the third founder of our company, Maker&Son (opens in new tab),’ says Alex. ‘Comfort has always been a real priority to us as a family, and it’s the house that has enabled this way of life and given birth to all that we do.’