What is focal wall? Battle on the Beach mentor Taniya Nayak’s team installed the home design in bedroom

Taniya Nayak's team installed a focal wall in the living room (Image via

Tonight on Battle on the Beach, Ty Pennington, Alison Victoria, and Taniya Nayak asked their teams to renovate the bedroom and the bathroom.

Taniya’s team, Roosevelt and Brandon, chose to add a green focal wall to their main bedroom. The wall impressed the judges with the wall and its ‘applied molding detail.’ They said they immediately noticed the headboard when they walked into the main suite.

As seen on Battle on the Beach, the focal wall, also known as the accent wall, is a wall of different color, shade, or material than all the other ones in the house. The wall can also be made by installing a fireplace to the wall, adding wallpaper, or painting the wall like a patchwork. Other than that, adding rustic wood and natural bricks to the wall also does the magic at times.

What happened on Battle on the Beach tonight?

Last week on Battle on the Beach, Alison Victoria’s team won the kitchen challenge and got $3000. Tonight, the teams were asked to renovate the main bedroom and bathroom and transform it into the ultimate suite.

Taniya’s team, Roosevelt and Brandon, stayed positive after losing the last week’s challenge and said:

“Losing last week, definitely lit a fire under us and we are hoping to blow everyone out of the water.”

Ty’s team, Wally and Jaqueline, were disappointed after losing the kitchen renovation challenge and said:

“It still hurts.”

Corey and Paige felt the existing living room had a tiny closet and ugly bi-fold doors. The couple decided to make a walk-in closet in the bedroom by pushing the room wall a little bit backward. They chose to add loose tiles.

The couple closed the bathroom window to add a modern sink and installed a free-standing tub. The duo added a long window above the shower and a free-standing tub.

The bedroom was decorated with a unique headboard, and the renovation budget was 21,000.

Wally and Jaqueline’s bathroom space was huge, but the main bathroom was small and outdated. Ty advised the business partners to add a dramatic painting to the bedroom. The team decided to add a 54-inch standalone bathtub and had to completely re-arrange the bathroom. They also added vertically stacked glass to the bathroom. The team agreed on a budget of $21,000.

Roosevelt and Brandon’s team felt that the bathroom was outdated and removed the main bedroom door, which was coming right out of the living room. The father-son duo felt time pressure as their main tiles’ delivery was delayed. They added a vanity sink to the bathroom.

The episode description reads:

“The competition heats up as the three teams tackle the main suite. Then, a shopping trip throws a design curveball, and temperatures rise even higher as the renovators face a tough decision in hopes of coming out on top.”

Battle on the Beach features Ty Pennington, Alison Victoria, and Taniya Nayak, each mentoring a team of two renovators with experience in the field and helping them renovate three identical beach houses. The couple who increases the market value of the homes by the highest amount wins the challenge and takes home prize money of $50,000.

Battle on the Beach airs every Sunday on HGTV at 9.00 pm ET. Readers can check your local listings for more information.

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