Year-Round Outdoor Spaces Remain a Priority

Year-Round Outdoor Spaces Remain a Priority
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Just in time for the close of spring and summer’s arrival, has released the 2022 Outdoor Living Trends Report. Surveying 40 experts in home design, the trend report found that year-round use is a top priority for outdoor living (62%), as well as bringing the comfort of indoors outside (56%).

After the majority of the last two years has been spent at home, it’s no surprise that the pandemic is still impacting how homeowners are using their houses and outdoor spaces. An astounding 87% of experts say that the fallout of the pandemic is still making homeowners invest more in their outdoor living areas, a slight increase from last year’s 85%.

See below for five takeaways from the report.

1. Creating evergreen spaces remains important. As the largest priority for homeowners (62%), this may mean incorporating pavilions, patios, and gazebos as well as sources of warmth for cooler climates—think outdoor fireplaces and space heaters. Investing in features like these will extend the usage of the space all year long.

2. Dining al fresco is a must-have. Experts say that outdoor dining is highly desired for 2022 (62%) and that dining is one of the most popular ways exterior spaces are being used. A dining area can also double as an outdoor office for work or study and a meeting place for friends. To complement this idea of dining outside, outdoor kitchens also remain on trend with 41% of experts saying it’s still the biggest trend, a decrease from last year’s 60%.

3. Bringing the indoors out with comfortable furniture. Outdoor living spaces are a large trend this year (39%) with comfortable outdoor furniture being the most popular feature of these areas (69%). Oversized sectionals, patio chaises, coffee tables, and other accent furniture achieves this sense of the indoors outside. Cozy outdoor spaces are doubly enjoyed with a fire pit nearby as 67% think this accessory will be greatly sought after for a second year in a row.

4. Grills and barbecues are the most-needed outdoor kitchen feature. A mainstay of outdoor cooking, grills or barbecues are a necessary addition to outdoor kitchens, according to 97% of experts. Outdoor sinks followed as the second most popular feature (36%)—a great addition for outdoor hand-washing and post-meal cleanup.

5. Saltwater pools make a splash. More time at home over the last two years has created a desire for at-home relaxation. Saltwater pools have grown in popularity and rank this year as the most popular pool trend (56%). The less abrasive water and fewer chemicals add to the appeal. As a more budget-friendly investment, smaller pools and plunge pools follow, with 50% of experts saying they’re on trend.

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