Yes Way Rosé Launches Three Limited Edition Bottles To Celebrate Fifth Anniversary

Yes Way Rosé Launches Three Limited Edition Bottles To Celebrate Fifth Anniversary

In 2018, Yes Way Rosé launched as an approachable French rosé that reminded us not to take ourselves, or our wine, so seriously. Now, in celebration of their fifth anniversary, Yes Way Rosé co-founders Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir remind us yet again that solemnity is overrated, through an exclusive partnership with Ellen Van Dusen of Dusen Dusen.

Launching today, Yes Way Rosé debuts three limited edition printed bottle designs in a playful color palette by Van Dusen. The whimsical, yet still minimalist, bottles celebrate the fifth anniversary of Yes Way Rosé, but also symbolize how Blumenthal and Huganir continue to bridge the worlds of wine, art, design and home decor.

“The collaboration with Ellen really encapsulates who we are – a fun, design-forward, delicious, high quality wine product that’s also accessible to many consumers,” Blumenthal told Forbes.

“We always wanted to push the boundaries of what a wine brand could be,” added Huganir. “Since the beginning, we took our passions and merged them with our passion for rosé; we felt consumers should be able to have all of those things in one.”

As longtime collectors of Van Dusen’s home decor, Blumenthal and Huganir noticed synergies between the two brands and decided that five years was a reason to celebrate together with the Brooklyn-based artist. “I love their fun, carefree approach to wine,” shared Van Dusen, who was immediately keen to collaborate. “The ethos is fun and aligns with the way I think about design – I don’t take myself too seriously but I take my products seriously.”

The shared whimsicality resulted in three eye-catching color pairings presented as vertical stripes on the label—yellow and slate, pink and desaturated teal, pink and tangerine—against a fractal-inspired grid pattern that was screen-printed on the glass bottle.

“What’s fun about where we landed is this pattern adds another layer of complexity and chaos to an empty bottle,” said Van Dusen, explaining that the most challenging part of the design process was creating art against two states of being: one with wine in the bottle, one without. “It was a challenge to think of color pairings with or without the pink color [of the wine].”

The three released patterns were the final options and meant to be narrowed down to one, however, Huganir admitted that the cofounders liked all three colors so much, they simply couldn’t choose one. Now, Blumenthal adds, the hope is people will “hunt them all down” as collectible items they can repurpose as vases or artwork in their homes.

All three limited edition designs launched today in mixed 12-bottle cases, which means any store might carry more of one color than another, which the co-founders emphasize as “part of the fun” and the experience of finding them all.

In addition to this celebratory collection, Yes Way Rosé launched DTC shipping this summer, and teased to expect a few activations surrounding this model in the near future. Keep an eye out for updates at